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First, decide what type of listing option you want:

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Regular listings do not include any notations of certifications or specified services. In order to list certifications or any details, you must upgrade to a premium listing.

Contribute your tips/tricks, items for "Country folk know..." advice, recipes, or stories to the webmaster and receive a 50% discount on a premium listing or adding an email. (Limit two listing discounts per business.) CLICK HERE

Add an E-mail Address: $10/yr.

Add one clickable e-mail address to your regular listing for $10/year. Does not include any other additional text.

Premium Listings

Boxed Ad: $25/YR OR $15/6 MOS

Placed above the regular listings on the page. Ordered on a first-come first-listed basis; (Discounts on multiple listings.) Regular listing information PLUS an e-mail address and a hyper-link to your website. ALSO up to 40 words of descriptive text.

Add Photo to boxed ad: $5/YR

Add one photo to any boxed listing (photos will be resized to fit column width).

Send an e-mail to the webmaster with your listing information and attached photo if applicable.

All listings are subject to approval. You will be sent a reply e-mail with payment instructions.

How do I get my own Website?

The Web Flyer: $99
Premium Listing & Landing Page Combo

A single page with info & Photos - just like a printed flyer. Hosted on the Colorado Horse Pages and linked up from a premium ad on the appropriate category page. Up to 400 words of descriptive, search-engine-friendly searchable text and up to six photos for only $99. Yearly renewals are $45.

Call 623-203-3252 or Email to order your Web Flyer.



Payment on approved ads is due in advance through PayPal or you can request instructions to pay by check. Website payment plans are available for large projects, and credit cards can be used by going through PayPal.

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